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We offer a turnkey financing solution for your renewable heat
and energy efficiency projects

Kyotherm covers 100% of your decarbonization project’s investment costs through a heat supply contract or an energy performance contract.

Kyotherm participates in the co-development of your decarbonization project thanks to a combined technical, contractual and financial expertise.

Kyotherm allows energy end-users to outsource the operational risks of their projects and focus on their core business.

Kyotherm can invest up to $150m, by entering into heat supply or energy performance contracts ranging between 7 and 25 years.

Kyotherm works alongside energy service companies and project developers to offer a joint turnkey solution integrating design-build, operation-maintenance and financing for your decarbonization project.

A turnkey financing solution tailored to your project.

A demonstrated experience in project financing

Our team has extensive experience in financing energy transition and infrastructure.

55 projects in 12 countries worldwide

Our diversified portfolio of low-carbon heat generation and energy efficiency projects totals 250 MW of installed capacity

Our areas of expertise


Geothermal Energy

Solar Thermal

Energy efficiency

Heat recovery

Flexibility and storage

Our mission: actively participate in the development and financing of decarbonization projects to reduce CO2 emissions and dependence on imported fossil fuels