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Our services

Kyotherm provides turnkey and off-balance sheet financing for renewable heat and energy efficiency projects to clients in the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as public authorities.

Our approach

Our expertise


We carry out a precise economic analysis of the project over the duration of the contract, and optimize our financing costs for each project.


We propose a contractual structure adapted to each project, and ensure that operational and financial risks are properly allocated.


We assess the operational risks inherent to each technology and project.






  • We provide support during the construction period.
  • During operation, we cover operating costs such as routine maintenance, minor maintenance (P2), major maintenance and equipment renewal (P3).
  • The customer benefits not only from a performance guarantee, but also from financial protection against rising fossil fuel prices.
  • The customer repays the investment through a fixed or variable fee, depending on actual consumption or savings generated.
  • At the end of the contract, ownership of the plant is transferred to the customer.
  • The customer then benefits from all the financial gains generated by the project, and can use the facilities until the end of their useful life.

Our expertise in renewable heat production and energy performance projects allows us to work effectively with our technical partners to identify the best technical and economic balance.

Our legal expertise allows us to propose a contractual structure adapted to each project and execute in a swift manner. We ensure a balanced distribution of operational and financial risks.

Our demonstrated experience in renewable energy projects structuring together with our financial resilience allow our technical partners and clients to remove counterparty risk.

During construction and operation, we monitor contractual obligations: obtaining permits, complying with construction schedules and conditions, verifying performance, and so on.

We aim to grow our portfolio by building long term tripartite partnerships with technical partners and developers.


We support industrial and commercial clients as well as local authorities in their journey to reduce and decarbonize their energy consumption.

Our company owns and operates a portfolio of 55 heat generation and energy efficiency projects in 12 countries around the world.

We have a long-standing activity in France, Germany and the United Kingdom

We strengthened our development in Western Europe, with achievements in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal

We are expanding our portfolio internationally, in North America and across Europe.