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Paris, May 20, 2024 – Kyotherm announces the launch of the construction of 4 sites for a total of 6.4MW of Capacity in the Republic of Ireland. Cool Planet will support Kyotherm as constructor, operator and shareholder of the project. The project will be commissioned in Q3 2024 and will make its power available to the Irish electricity grid.

The project aims to provide essential services to the Republic of Ireland electricity network, such as capacity contracts, DS3 contracts and energy trading. This initiative is part of the region’s overall strategy to develop intermittent sustainable energy sources such as wind and photovoltaics. In this way, the generators installed and connected to the grid will help to ensure security of electricity supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The project is the fruit of ongoing collaboration between several key players in the energy and sustainable development sector. Kyotherm is supported by the CoolPlanet group, which consolidated its market position in 2021 by acquiring PowerHouse, one of the UK’s leading grid services companies.

As builder and operator of the facility, CoolPlanet will contribute its expertise and skills in managing renewable energy projects. The generators will be supplied by FG Wilson, renowned for their reliability and performance.

Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. As well as contributing to the diversification of energy sources in Northern Ireland, this project will support the transition to a low carbon economy.

The funding of this 6.4 MW biodiesel electricity generator project will further ensure the long-term stability of the electricity network and the uptake of renewable energy sources in Northern Ireland.

Générateur FG Wilson  – Crédits : FG Wilson

Arnaud SUSPLUGAS, CEO of Kyotherm: “We are honoured by the confidence shown by the Coolplanet Group, which has accepted our debt and equity support for this new grid services project, to deliver a secure and sustainable electricity system (DS3). Wind power and photovoltaics are developing very quickly and we are convinced that other projects of this type will be necessary in the future to integrate more renewable energy into the electricity grid. After 100 MW of renewable energy already financed in the UK (mainly biomass and geothermal), Kyotherm is continuing a key partnership with CoolPlanet“.

About CoolPlanet Group

CoolPlanet is a global leader in industrial decarbonisation. Through a combination of technology and world-leading engineering expertise CoolPlanet enables complex organisations to reach Net Zero faster, at scale. For over 15 years, the company has been decarbonising large industrial, manufacturing and real estate organisations, helping them to take real and tangible actions to reduce their emissions. Operating in 17 countries, CoolPlanet has a global team of decarbonisation experts on a mission to bring the world closer to solving climate change.

About Kyotherm

Kyotherm is an investment company that performs co-development, financing and asset management services on energy efficiency and renewable heat production projects. For more than 10 years, Kyotherm has supported energy project leaders in the fields of biomass, geothermal energy, thermal solar, waste heat recovery and energy efficiency in France and abroad. Kyotherm has developed a portfolio of 250 MW of capacity spread over 120+ sites across the world. More information: