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Article Thermpresse, September 17, 2012 –  “In energy renovation and renewable heat, the government wants to accelerate”

Thermal renovation of housing will be one of the top priorities of my five-year term,declared French President François Hollande at the environmental conference last week. (…)

At the same Conférence environnementale, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault expressed a desire to “support” heating networks, biomass and geothermal energy, “by building on local initiatives”. The government, he promised, would simplify administrative procedures concerning renewable energies and, in addition, would develop and structure “an industrial sector for renewable energies and energy efficiency”, relying particularly on technological innovation. Mr. Ayrault also announced that his government would be launching “a major communication campaign” in favor of energy savings in the coming weeks. He also indicated that third-party financing of energy renovation work would be encouraged, with these investors earning a return on future energy savings, he explained. “This mechanism will be reinforced by innovative financing, be it the proceeds from carbon auctions or those from CEE,” he added.