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View of the plant from the top of the storage tank

  • Commissioning of an 11-MW solar thermal plant on the site of the Boortmalt Group’s malt house in Issoudun.
  • This project underlines Kyotherm’s commitment to the decarbonisation of industrial processes in France and Europe.

Paris, April 26th 2021 – Kyotherm and its partners announce the end of the construction and the commissioning of the solar thermal plant on the site of the Boortmalt Group’s malt house in Issoudun (Indre).

This project, launched in 2018 and supported by ADEME, now supplies approximately 8.5 GWh of low-carbon heat each year.

Thermal solar: low-carbon heat avoiding 1,950 tons of CO2 emissions per year

A waste heat recovery system, a biomass boiler and a cogeneration plant already supply heat to the malt house. Thus, solar heat is helping to decarbonize an industrial site that is already particularly virtuous in terms of the production of low-carbon heat.

Moreover, with a size of 14,250 m², this solar thermal plant is one of the largest in the world to supply heat to an industrial site. Therefore, Kyotherm is convinced that solar heat will play a major role in the energy transition of the industrial sector.

A technical and financial expertise provided by Kyotherm and its partners

The success of this project is mainly due to a close collaboration between all stakeholders: the Boortmalt Group, Kyotherm and the technical partners:

  • Savosolar: Supplier of solar thermal collectors and turnkey designer-builder of solar thermal power plants.
  • Sunoptimo: Developer and designer of solar thermal solutions in containers.
  • NewHeat: A company specializing in the production of solar heat, NewHeat has a design and project management role. NewHeat will be in charge of the operation and maintenance of the installation over 20 years.
  • Dalkia (EDF group): Partner and energy operator of the malt house since 1999. Dalkia is responsible for integrating solar thermal energy into current installations, both in terms of design and operation.

Rémi Cuer, Investment Director at Kyotherm, comments: “This project reinforces our conviction that solar thermal has a major role to play in the decarbonisation of industrial processes. Today we want to go further. We are thus discussing with several large industrial players seeking to initiate the energy transition on their sites.”

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