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Paris, November 14, 2022 – Kyotherm announces the commissioning of Modul’O Yvelines, a local biowaste methanization facility in Carrières-sous-Poissy, Yvelines, alongside Tryon Environnement and  Banque des Territoires as shareholders..

The plant now recovers more than 4,000 tonnes of food waste from local catering and mass retail outlets. As it passes through the various deconditioning, hygienization, pre-treatment, digestion and post-treatment modules, this bio-waste is then valorized in the form of organic fertilizer and biomethane. The latter is injected into the natural gas network operated by GRDF and resold to SAVE, a subsidiary of the IDEX group, through a biomethane purchase contract with a guaranteed tariff over 15 years. Eventually, a second phase of the project will double the plant’s processing capacity to 8,000 tonnes per year.

The commissioning of the Modul’O Yvelines facility marks the first stage in Tryon Environnement’s development strategy. The company has set itself the goal of developing similar projects over the next few years to cover the whole of France. Initial discussions are already underway for sites on the outskirts of a dozen other towns.

There is no shortage of arguments in favor of this type of project. In the face of climate change and the recent surge in energy prices in Europe, biomethane represents a low-carbon, competitive solution. Produced from a local resource, biomethane also reduces our dependence on fossil fuels imported from abroad.

By replacing natural gas, the Modul’O Yvelines facility will ultimately prevent the emission of some 15,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, and recycle more than 120,000 tonnes of biowaste over its lifetime, generating some 135 GWh. The project thus echoes the entry into force of the 2015 Energy Transition Law, which introduces the obligation for foodservice players to ensure the reclamation of their bio-waste.

To make this project possible, Tryon was able to count on the support of a number of players, including Modul’O Yvelines, Kyotherm funds and Banque des Territoires, each contributing 505 k€ to this first phase. Tryon has also been able to count on the banking support of Banque Populaire Val de France and Bpifrance each providing 665 k€.

“Our aim is to re-establish local, and therefore economical and virtuous, management of these food scraps, wrongly considered as waste. This will reduce collection logistics, create jobs that cannot be relocated, and ensure territorial autonomy in terms of energy and agricultural fertilizer.” 

Jimmy COLOMIES, Co-founder, Tryon Environnement

“We are proud to support the development of the food waste recovery sector in the Paris region through our acquisition of a stake in Modul’O Yvelines. We know we can count on Tryon Environnement’s teams to bring this project to fruition, which will ultimately enable us to recycle 8,000 tonnes of biowaste and avoid the emission of 1,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. »

Arnaud SUSPLUGAS, Founder and President of Kyotherm

“By becoming a shareholder in Modul’O Yvelines, Banque des Territoires is contributing to the development of the waste recovery sector, which is a strategic challenge for local players. This partnership demonstrates the commitment of Banque des Territoires to the service of more sustainable territories.”

Richard CURNIER, Regional Director Ile-de-France, Banque des Territoires

“Our first discussions with Tryon Environnement date back to 2019. We’ve been able to follow the Modul’O Yvelines project from the outset, and are delighted to see it come to fruition and collaborate on it. As we are very familiar with agricultural methanization, supporting this project, which processes 100% bio-waste, has enabled us to develop our knowledge in this field, an area of great importance for the circular economy and local renewable energy production.” 

Sylvain VIOLLET, Deputy Manager of Val de France Energies at Banque Populaire Val de France

“Bpifrance, as a Climate Bank, is delighted to support this first meaningful project for the recovery of bio-waste that has hitherto been destroyed. An operation that has been perfectly executed thanks to the technical excellence of the Tryon team. It’s a project that we hope will be followed by others, with an offer that will make an effective contribution to the Energy and Ecological Transition of many regions.” 

Nicolas MAURIN, Regional Director Ile-de-France Ouest, Bpifrance