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Issoudun (Indre), December 5, 2018 — Kyotherm officially launched its project to build a 12 MW solar thermal power plant. The project is the winner of ADEME’s “Large-scale solar thermal installations” call for projects. In 2019, a solar thermal power plant will be installed on the grounds of the Issoudun malting plant, producing hot water (<70°C) to supply the malting plant’s barley drying units.

Kyotherm finances solar thermal, a renewable heat source

The plant will have a cumulative collector area of around 15,000 m², which would make it the 3rd largest solar thermal power plant supplying an industrial site in the world today. Its rated output will be around 12 MW, and it will supply around 8.7 GWh of heat per year, i.e. 1 tenth of the site’s heating requirements. This renewable heat will reduce the site’s natural gas consumption, and thus cut CO2 emissions by around 2,200 tonnes a year. This is equivalent to taking 1,100 new vehicles off the road.

Kyotherm is working closely on this project with several technical partners:

  • Sunoptimo: developer and designer of containerized solar thermal solutions, Sunoptimo is behind the project and is responsible for the design of the hydraulic equipment.
  • NewHeat: a company specializing in solar heat production, NewHeat has a development, design and project management role for the entire installation and will be in charge of its operation – maintenance over 20 years.
  • Dalkia (EDF Group): an energy partner and operator of the malthouse since 1999, Dalkia is responsible for integrating solar thermal energy into the current facilities, both in terms of design and operation.