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Kyotherm to finance the construction of renewable heating systems

“Kyotherm, an investment company specializing in financial engineering and contractual project structuring, will provide financing to project sponsors: public authorities and, above all, companies in the HVAC sector (thermal energy producers, installation, maintenance or operating companies). Kyotherm will operate throughout France. The minimum investment in a project will be around 100,000 euros (equivalent to around 1 GWh/year for a geothermal or biomass project), explains Mr. Susplugas. The latter, it should be noted, previously worked for a well-known energy services group for four years. Kyotherm has yet to sign an agreement with a project developer, but is in discussions for around ten projects, mainly in the geothermal and biomass sectors. In biomass, these are small-scale heating networks running on forestry chips and serving around ten customers.

In electricity generation, Kyotherm is only interested in cogeneration projects. Fossil fuels will only be used as back-up energy in the energy mix of our projects. Kyotherm is aiming for a staff of just five, and will subcontract the design, construction, operation and maintenance of its installations. “In collective biomass and geothermal heating installations, there is very strong demand and growth in France today, but also a lot of projects, often very capital-intensive, compared with the limited investment capacities of project owners,” stresses Kyotherm’s president, who promises a “very competitive” cost of the financing provided by Kyotherm.”